Laser Eye Surgery Co-Management

For patients interested in laser refractive surgery, ask our optometrists if you are a good candidate for LASIK, PRK, or one of many surgical procedures now available to correct and improve your vision.

A comprehensive eye exam, as well as special tests to measure corneal curvature and corneal thickness, are required to determine if a patient is a good candidate for surgery and what type of surgery would be the most beneficial with the least amount of risk.

Once this is established, the co-management procedure consists of:

  • Referral to the best surgeon and laser center for consultation
  • Relevant patient data is sent to the laser center prior to your consultation appointment
  • Routine post-operative examinations are scheduled (1 day, 1 wk, 1 mth, 3 mths, 6 mths, and 1 yr) after date of surgery to ensure proper healing, good vision and healthy eyes
  • Additional appointments may be scheduled if required